Month: November 2016

H&M Sustainable?

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Guilt. What a shitty feeling. More and more I feel guilt about being human in the western world. It was guilt that turned me into a vegetarian and it was guilt (among other things) that turned me into an avid op-shopper. I guess you could say that although a shitty feeling, guilt has its place in making change. Ok, I don’t want to get all ‘Dear Diary’ on your arse, but there are times that […]

7 reasons why you should be an op-shopper

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Because don’t you want to save the earth?  You’ve heard it all before, but I’ll say it again. And I’ll probably say it next week too. No joke, fast fashion is the second largest polluter on this earth, second only to the oil industry. To put this into perspective, we as a race consume 80 BILLION pieces of clothing every year, that’s up 400% from only 20 years ago. Although many of us donate our […]