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5 tips that will have you thrifting like a boss

Shop where the ‘posh’ people live

You know where I am talking about. The posh neighbourhoods where the LuLu wearing, ladies of leisure brunch mid-week, because let’s be real, only suckers have jobs.

It’s these op-shops that may just have us common people walking away with those one off unicorn finds that you’ll forever be boasting about. I guess rich people ain’t so bad after all!

Check the care tags

It’s considerably easy to determine a high quality piece with a simple touch, but if you’re a little clueless in this department, check the care tag. If the tag says the item should be dry cleaned there’s a good chance it’s made from high quality materials.

There are however some cheeky fast fashion brands that frivolously slap the dry cleaning label on whole collections. The reason being that they know very little about the fabrics that make up their collection and by dry cleaning them they are less likely to fall apart.

Where was the piece made? On the rare but glorious occasion I’ll stumble across an item made in Italy or France and when I do, I am happy dancing my way to the register. It’s these babies that tend to be higher in quality and less likely to be mass produced by the fast fashion giants.

Get outta’ town

I rarely walk passed a second hand shop without stopping, so it’s safe to say I’ve been to a lot. More often than not it’s the well trodden op-shops in cities that disappoint, so if you really want to find some treasures, take a trip out to the burbs. When I lived in Sydney I would trek to the western suburbs to explore the less gentrified areas and always found unique vintage pieces.

Small country towns are also where it’s at and who doesn’t love exploring quaint little towns mid road trip? Some of my unicorns have been found in the cutest, teeny, tiny towns throughout Canada and Australia.

Dress appropriately

Ok as an Australian this is super important and i’m sure my fellow Aussies would agree that there’s not much worse than trying on clothes in a non air conditioned thrift store, in the middle of summer. So take it from me, one who has ditched some of the best, because I wanted to look like a rock star in my skinny jeans and leather jacket.

My advice?

Wear a loose fitting dress – This way you’re easily able to try on bottoms if the change room isn’t free, because there’s no way you’re going to get out of those high waisted Nudies that took you 10 minutes to get into.

A strapless bra – For obvious reasons, no straps!

Slip on shoes – Ain’t nobody got time for laces.

I know I know, I like to look cute AF while op-shopping too, but you’ll slay those shops and walk away with the best haul if you’re dressed appropriately, I promise.

Know your size

So this has taken me half a lifetime to learn, especially when it comes to wearing appropriate footwear. I spent a lot of time squishing my feet into the cutest vintage size 6’s, when my fat feet are undeniably a size 7. Not only did it make it painful to walk but it left my feet swollen with blisters. Alas, I’ve now accepted my fat feet and leave the intricately designed, Italian made mid heels for the horribly lovely size 6 ladies. Yeah, you’re welcome.

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  1. In the bay area there’s a thrift store just like that – in Marin county, where the locals apparently have a pretty short love affair with their clothes!

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