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5 Ethical Australian Fashion Labels You Need to Know About

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I adore op-shopping, always have and always will. I’ve loved op shopping since I was wee brat on the hippie streets of Lismore (try not to hold it against me) all the way up to now as an ‘adult’ (still a brat though) It’s safe to say that I’ve hunted down second hand shopping in every country I have ever visited. From Spanish and Parisian flea markets, to London, Phnom Penh, Tokyo, Vancouver, Las Vegas […]

What goes around, comes around – The circular economy

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There are so many buzz words that circulate when we talk about ethical fashion, but one that has well and truly caught my attention is the ‘circular economy’. I was quite confused about what a circular economy meant when it came to fashion, but the more I learned about it, the more and more fascinated I have become. So what exactly is a circular economy? The Ellen Macarthur Foundation sums it up beautifully. “A circular […]

Have you cottoned on yet?

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I don’t know about you but I never really understood why people have always harped on about organic cotton. It’s always just seemed quite wanky and pretentious to me. Nobody eats cotton (well no one I know anyways) so what’s the big deal if the cotton we buy isn’t organic? And to be honest with you, I very rarely go out of my way to buy organic fruits and veg. Does that make me a […]